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Hey There! I'm  Marci  . . . 

 a Multi-passionate Service Provider, Strategist & Mentor, committed to Leading and Serving Well.  

Things I know for sure:  

• Leadership is a Privilege and a Responsibility;

• Leaders Lead Just Two Things:  People & Processes, and 

• Everyone Deserves to be Lead & Supported Well.

I am committed to helping you make the impact you desire.

Leadership & Team Development

Expert | Speaker

Leaders Lead Two Things: People and Processes.  It is always a  Priviledge and Responsibiltiy, that only a few are prepared for.

After serving in leadership positions for over 33 years, that include Commanding over 2,000 Soldiers, Sailors and Contractors in combat conditions, Marci helps emerging leaders identify their leadership voice to support excellence in their team.

Implementor | Strategist

We Create the Systems that Create Freedom for You!

Our passion is in Systems and Process. When you dreamed of escaping the 9-5 to build your dream, you never dreamed of working early mornings, late nights and weekends, just to try to keep you!  Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, Nurture Sequences, Launch Plan  . . . 

Mentor | Coach

Uniquely Connecting Women to the Life God Has Planned for Them!

Image a world where woman deeply understood their value, worth and the power of their love.  Image a world where this identity was translated into every family & friends interaction, and business transaction.  We are on a mission to support 100,000 women . .  

Her efforts focused the Group on planning, validating, changing CENTCOM (United States Central Command) movement planning business rules in support of the deployment of nearly 70,000 Soldiers and 16,000 pieces of cargo and the re-deployment of 115,000 Soldiers and 17,000 pieces of cargo . . .

COL Richard A. Lamb, Commander,

651 stRegional Support Group

As the Deputy Commander / Support Operations Officer, Task Force Deployment-Redeployment Operations, US CENTCOM

(Operation Enduring Freedom)

“I just received a promotion, and used a lot of what you taught me during the last few years and incorporating so much of your tutelage! I need you to know that you made a difference! Make the routine better, faster, and cheaper. Thank you very much for all the education, mentoring, and patience.

- Michael Dobbs

“Thank you for your leadership and your strength. Leading this trip without you would have been an incredibly hard challenge. For you for making me feel included in decision making. You have an incredible gift for leading groups. You speak wisdom into people and guide conversations incredibly well.”

Anna, Group Student Leader

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