Project Management for Successful Entrepreneurs 

Are the day-to-day operations causing you to struggle to grow your business because you don't want to sacrifice your entire life?

 Does each day come with a choice of working more or spending time with family?  

How about the luxury of taking a couple of weeks off with no stress or worry?  

How about the idea of making money, even when you aren't working?

Marci & Company  was formed

when Marci saw creative entrepreneurs struggling to do it all

 . . .alone.

Her first clients had amazing products that they wanted to get out to the world, but simply were not making it happen on their own. Marci  supported their content creation process, helping them organize their ideas into products that delivery high impact and value to their clients.  She created the launch sequence, the marketing material, the email sequence, social media and follow up campaigns for her 6-Figure clients.  

As Marci continued to support her friends and fellow entrepreneurs, she discovered other areas in their business that they simply did not have the time, or frankly the interest in doing, but where key processes to their success.  She developed & tested processes to support them, all ensuring that they could be easily passed back to their teams.

Soon, Marci was curating her own team of implementors, designers, social media experts, and speaker support teams, and 

Marci & Company was off to the races.  Now the team will keep you focused on the tasks you need to prioritize and take over the tasks that are weighing you down.  We implement systems and automate processes to give you time to focus on the things you love to do, and the things that only you CAN do in your business, while feeling confident that our team as you covered.

What are you looking for?

We will help you identify the gaps in your business, and then build a custom package to support your needs.

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