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"Leaders lead primarily two things: People and Processes" 

- Major General Mike Diamond 

Since adopting this philosophy from my mentor, my leadership journey has focused on just these two things:  People & Processes. After retiring from the US Army, after a 33-year career, I'm ready to help business owners and leaders streamline & scale their business, while developing themselves and their team along the way.

Where do you want to start?

  • People:  We work to align you, your people and processes with your strategic drivers, so that you can actually achieve the results, the impact and the profitability you dream of.   We know that organizations perform best when these are aligned, integrated and mutually supportive, but the most important consideration is your people. We work with your leaders and your team to create a heart-centered culture that maximizes your people, systems and processes to support your customers and business purpose.  

  • Processes:  Speed of your growth is outpacing capacity of your team. You want to continue the momentum, but you need to support it with systems and processes that will bring sustainability. It’s time to say good-bye to  stress and overwhelm that are costing your company millions.  We work with you to define your processes, and then look for ways to improve them.



Individual Assessments

Team Assessments

Organizational Assessments

Customized and third-party assessment tools are available:  DISC,  Kolbe, StrengthsFinder, Communication Style 2.0


Short Term Programs

Long Term Programs

Customized programs designed to target specific levels of leadership, topics and skills needed to take them to the next level leader.


Measures of Performance

Measures of Effectiveness

A review of your current systems and processes to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness.  We will make recommendations for improvements, design, implementation strategies and support, as well as systematic follow up.


Executive, Emerging, Individual  or 

Group Options

Finding support outside your organization offers you support, encouragement, and may even challenge you from someone wanting you to succeed without any other agendas.  

You are the focus as we explore skills, self-awareness, group dynamics or situational actions to take you to your next level of leadership.


Strategic Planning

Off-Site Training

Team Building

It's easy to fall into ruts, and put people into boxes, assuming you know all there is to know about who a person is and how they work. Create an opportunity for folks on your team to surprise themselves and each other as we walk them through a process that is sure to ignite new energy and insight. 





Drawing on her military leadership experience, training and lessons learned, Marci speaks on:  

  • Creating Winning Cultures & Teams
  • Heart-Centered Leadership: A New, Old Way of Leading
  • Women in Leadership
  • The Four Legs of Success for Any Organization

What Does the #MeToo Movement Mean for your Business in 2018 and Beyond?

If you think it won't happen to you . . . you are WRONG!  

Harassment & Bullying in the Workplace impacts your business with legal implications,

Potential financial liabilities & residual employee relations issues.  

All Employees And Managers Must Know . . .

  • What Constitutes Sexual Harassment, 
  • How To Follow The Organization's Guidelines

  • Be Clear About Their Responsibility 

  • And Know How To Respond To A Situation Involving Sexual Harassment Appropriately And Effectively.

We can Help!  

Harassment training programs can include (but are not limited to):

  • Define potential sexual harassment, harassment and bullying

  • Be aware of EEOC trends involving sexual harassment
  • Understand workplace retaliation considerations
  • Gain insights regarding how to avoid workplace harassment
  • Understand the organization’s policy on workplace harassment

Our instructor-led programs and keynotes are offered to your group at your place of business or chosen venue

and your set date and time that works best for you and the trainer.

What People Say About Marci


As the Deputy Commander / Support Operations Officer, Task Force Deployment – Redeployment Operations (Operation Enduring Freedom)

“Her efforts focused the Group on planning, validating, tracking CENTCOM movement planning business rules in support of the deployment of nearly 70,000 Soldiers and 16,000 pieces of cargo and the re-deployment of 115,000 Soldiers and 17,000 pieces of cargo . . .”

-COL Richard A. Lamb, Commander, 651st Regional Support Group

As the Commander, 259th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (Operation Iraqi Freedom)

“She displayed a tremendous tenacity and thoroughness, and working with her units effectively and safely operated and created a climate of continuous improvement.  Unlimited potential to serve in leadership positions throughout the Department of Defense.”

- BG Michael Lally, Commander, 3rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)

As a Team Leader for In Motion Ministries, 

“Thank you for your leadership and your strength.  Leading this trip without you would have been an incredibly hard challenge.  For you for making me feel included in decision making.  You have an incredible gift for leading groups.  You speak wisdom into people and guide conversations incredibly well.”

- Anna

About Marci

Lieutenant Colonel Marci D. Toler, US Army (Retired) served over 30 years, with several mobilizations and combat deployments, culminating in assignments as Battalion Commander (2008-2009) at Joint Base Balad, Iraq with over 1,600 Sailors, Soldiers and Contractors assigned, as well as serving as  Deputy Commander to  Task Force DeRop (2010-2011) covering most of US Central Command's Area of Responsibility.   She holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Change Management from the University of Phoenix, a Masters of Strategic Studies (MSS) from the United States Army War College and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Econometrics from Colorado State University.

While simultaneously serving in the US Army Reserves, Marci led privately held organizations ranging from Money Management, Agriculture and Geotechnical Engineering firms, always focusing on people, financial management and process improvements.  She continued to utilize these skills inside the Department of Defense, as a United States Government Servant, until her retirement from active service.  She is a Certified Process Improvement expert, trainer and leader.

  • Marci is a leader in developing the heart of leaders through the application of Heart-Centered Leadership principals while using proven practices to assess and re-design processes for efficiency and effectiveness.


8108 Surrey Street, Greeley, CO 80634